Put Safety First with ETC Hire’s New PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS

Put Safety First with ETC Hire’s New PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS and Other Traffic Management Hire Equipment!

NEW to ETC Hire…the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS ! Designed to Queensland Transport & Main Roads specifications, the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS offers improved safety for Traffic Controllers over the traditional Stop/Go sign, meeting all Australian standards, and with many extra unique features. Fully designed and manufactured in Australia, the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS is lightweight and very easy to transport and set up, requiring only one person! The unit is mounted on a sturdy foldable stand, able to be positioned off the road out of the traffic. The PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS can be operated as one unit, as a pair for shuttle control or as multiple units, all controlled via one hand controller and one traffic controller. As the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS is programmed via a hand controller, the whole process of managing traffic is made safer, keeping the Traffic Controller off the road, out of harm’s way.

The dual purpose radio remote controller enables programming of the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS, and pairing of multiple sets of the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS. Powered by a long-life lithium iron phosphate battery, it features 16 hours of continuous operation time per charge (back-up battery of an extra 50 hours charge available), and can easily be recharged via a 12V or 24V vehicle for on-site convenience, or via an optional battery charger or mains power.

This product was designed and built by trusted local Australian engineers to offer our clients a safety first premium product, improving the safety of both road workers and motorists. Since the products are designed and made in Australia, the functionality is perfectly tailored to the needs of Australian road users. As a result, our PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS are hugely popular in the Gold Coast and Brisbane traffic management hire market.

Solar Surveillance System

Solar Surveillance System

Our solar surveillance system is perfect for whether you’re seeking surveillance for an event, a property or a construction site. Finally, we have a cost effective solution! Our units are made here in Australia and are 100% solar powered, therefore offering you the highest quality equipment. Because of their solar powered technology, they are entirely wire free! In addition, our Solar Cam is a compact unit with immense power. Furthermore, it is perfect for monitoring wet days when the site is empty. It’s also useful to monitor multiple sites with its quality surveillance system.

Another great feature is the ability to time lapse! While the Solar Cam is discrete, it operates with up to 30 motion detectors to cover large areas. Furthermore, you can access your property at any time remotely via your smart device. As a result, images are stored to a cloud database and are accessible for up to 30 days.

Available for hire now!

Our solar surveillance system can be hired individually, trailer-mounted, or attached to:
  • Solar Street Lights
  • Portable Traffic Lights (to identify red light runners while monitoring road safety)
  • VMS Boards (to monitor traffic conditions and issue warnings to motorists, e.g. Flood warning)
  • Solar Lighting Tower

As a result of attaching the system to our Portable Traffic Lights you can monitor all movements and red light runners. Furthermore, with the system attached to the VMS Board, you can monitor all traffic conditions. Providing issue warnings to motorists is also simple and effective too. These issue warnings can display warnings such as: flood warnings up ahead, roads closed and traffic delays, etc. Since you can remotely control the system, you can also monitor what conditions surround roads. Due to this, linking the board to the conditions of the road is just as easy; remotely display your new message/symbol from another location.

  • Easy to Use
  • Remote Login
  • Data Storage
  • Motion Detection
  • Cost Effective
  • Trailer-Mounted Option





Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights

New Product: Solar Street Lights

A fully integrated system with LED lights, batteries and solar panels within one unit. The units mount to almost anything and are very easy to install. Offering 100,000 hours of operation per LED light, they turn on at dusk and off at dawn automatically. With a range of watts and sizes available, there is a solar light to suit any application, large or small. The all-in-one Solar Street Lights are a more cost effective and Eco-friendly alternative to other units.


Available for hire now!


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Mobile Solar Lighting Tower

Solar Lighting Tower

Introducing our brand new to ETC Hire in 2017, the all-new Solar Lighting Tower (SLT). A 100% Aussie engineered device harnesses the power of the sun, meaning zero ongoing costs. The SLT is self-sufficient and will operate night after night without noise, petrol, or ongoing servicing. A smarter choice for Australia’s climate, designed and built in Australia represents energy efficiency at its finest. The strong silent type, the all-new SLT throws out amazingly powerful light – a minimum 200w of LEDs to be precise!*


Available for hire now!

Features of the Solar Lighting Tower

Fully automated and trailer mounted with a mast up to 6m high, the SLT offers more light where you need it. Perfect for outdoor events, construction sites and illuminating any dark areas. The SLT offers a great solution for providing security by night. Easy to transport and set up, the tower can be set to run automatically. By switching on by dusk and off by dawn there is no manpower required.

Made in Australia

Suitable for: Civil works, Traffic control, Construction sites, Mine sites, Night works, Outdoor events, Car parks, Machinery yards, Open spaces, Residential areas, Sports clubs



solar lighting tower