Armorzone™ Plastic Barriers

ARMORZONE™ PLASTIC BARRIERS are highly durable water-filled barriers. Their design allows for excellent work site protection for temporary sites as well as other types of road activities. They have a unique polyethylene composition, profile design and steel pin connector. This allows the barrier to be installed straight or curved to a minimum radius of 28m if required.  They are the perfect choice for road works in a 50-70km/hr work zone. Due to their relative lightweight (60kg each), water barriers can be deployed without the need for heavy lifting equipment.

As the barriers only require filling with water, its easy components provide for quick and simple deployment as well as transportation. For installation and removal, the barriers are a much safer alternative for workers as they are lighter (weighing only 50kg without water) and easier to handle unlike some others. Armorzone™ Plastic Barriers provide energy absorbing abilities and redirect vehicles upon impact at angles of up to 25° as well as speeds of up to 70kph. When you’re making a traffic management hire choice regarding barriers, Armorzone is a great option.

  • Key Features of the Armorzone™ Plastic Barriers
  • Temporary Plastic Water Filled Barrier
  • Barriers include a water level indicator
  • Suitable for impact speeds up to 70kph
  • Suitable for roadside or median applications
  • Controls and directs the vehicle when an impact occurs
  • Smooth surfaces without steel structures designed for a low-damage impact
  • Environmentally friendly – made of 100% durable & recyclable material (polyethylene plastic)
  • Available at traffic management hire stores like ETC Hire