BarrierGuard 800

BG800 is a temporary steel barrier system for rapid deployment in road work areas. Approved to TL4 level by every Australian state road authority, BG800 provides a simple solution for traffic management. Due to its unique characteristics, BG800 contains and absorbs vehicle impact during a crash, whilst reducing damages to the barriers and vehicles involved.

  • BG800 Safety

When an unfortunate incident does occur, drivers are more likely to recover control of the steering wheel when contact is made with BG800. This is due to the vehicle being contained by the barrier once it has taken in the impact. As well as this, the barrier provides an additional improved safety aspect for all motorists. Thanks to its clean surface, there are no protruding bolts or gaps between barriers. This massively reduces the chances of impalement related injuries. Furthermore, the BG800 unique design allows for uses of both single and double sides of the barrier. This is well suited to many types of roads and purposes. Steel barriers are lighter than concrete barriers, making them a more manageable traffic barrier solution. BG800 are environmentally friendly and are quick and easy to set up on their own. All these great features have enabled BG800 to thrive in the traffic management hire industry.