The Portable Light Tower

The TL400 Portable Light Tower ETC Hire has a range of lighting towers in its catalogue, from the Solar Tower to the Overhead Tower. ETC is excited to introduce its newest lighting tower model, the TL-400 Portable Light Tower. The one-man-operated portable electric pole light tower. It is portable like a work light but has […]

solar lighting towers

Install & Forget: Zero Maintenance Solar Towers in Brisbane

If you are considering purchasing lighting towers for your mining, manufacturing or construction project in Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few factors that make ETC Hire’s solar lighting towers an excellent and more cost-effective choice. How Do Solar Panels Work? A solar powered light tower is made up of panels […]

Radar Speed Signs

How Do Radar Speed Signs Prevent Danger in Brisbane?

On today’s roads, speeding seriously threatens public safety. Despite the numerous strategies for controlling speeding, including posted speed restrictions, police enforcement, speed bumps and many others, achieving long-lasting change is difficult. Radar speed signals are a great example of the solutions that traffic companies are implementing across Australia. Radar speed signs have become a familiar […]

VMS signs

VMS Boards for Roadwork and Advertising in Brisbane

Roads, highways, freeways, motorways, tunnel entrances and rural regions around Australia frequently employ Variable Message Signs (VMS). Variable message signs are beneficial for improving road safety as they can efficiently communicate information to a driver on the road. Yet, there are many more applications for them. Using a VMS Sign is also a fantastic strategy […]

traffic light

Portable Traffic Lights for Traffic Control in Brisbane

Portable traffic lights help regulate traffic flow effectively and keep the controller out of harm’s way by allowing them to monitor the flow of vehicles from a secure place. Therefore, portable traffic control devices are the preferred traffic management method, according to Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management. In this article, ETC Hire in Brisbane […]

Solar Lighting Towers

Solar Lighting Towers: Visibility for Workers in Brisbane

Industrial sites, depots and manufacturing facilities can all benefit from solar lighting towers and the affordable illumination and security they provide. In this post, ETC Hire in Brisbane outlines how solar lighting towers may be helpful in many situations. Worksite Security and Safety Until the early 21st century, working in low light was common; however, […]

radar speed signs

How Do Radar Speed Signs Control Traffic in Brisbane?

It is no secret that drivers going too fast is a recurring problem for traffic control management and are a leading cause of car crashes and road rage. With so many cars on the road, you need a system of traffic control that combines human expertise with cutting-edge automated systems. Radar speed signs are only […]

Bright up the Place with the Best Lighting in Australia

Working at night, especially with machinery, can create several safety hazards. This is where ETC Hire’s range of lighting products comes in. A product that can provide plenty of light can help to mitigate any risks. Keeping workers visible whilst working at night improves their safety and security. Sometimes a little more than high-visibility clothing […]

Be Seen Where It Matters with Led Signage in Australia

Your road safety or promotional message will be seen clearly with high-visibility, high-impact portable LED signage. ETC Hire offers smart electronic solutions for your messaging. We have everything you need including speed sign options, single colour or 4 colour variable message signs, and LED billboard signage with full colour images and graphics. All of which […]

Overhead Lighting Tower Now Available for Hire

Presenting the OVERHEAD LIGHTING TOWER, ETC’s new product and upgrade model of the pre-existing lighting towers, now available for hire. It has a range of superb features such as: 3.0m light outreach 350 degrees rotating motor 400 mm extended outriggers for stability (800mm total) Wheel locking chains 6-stage telescopic hydraulic mast 2.0m retracted, and 9.0m […]