Put Safety First with ETC Hire’s New PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS

NEW to ETC Hire…the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS. Designed to Queensland Transport & Main Roads specifications, the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS offers improved safety for Traffic Controllers over the traditional Stop/Go sign, meeting all Australian standards, and with many extra unique features. Fully designed and manufactured in Australia, the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS is lightweight and very easy to transport […]

Why you should hire LED screens for your event

The advertisement world and the way we see things, know things and propagate information has changed a lot. Technological advancement has improved the ways of communication from static and paper based medium to dynamic and digital media in almost all circles of our daily lives. We all attend events throughout our lives and any event […]

How renting construction equipment is better than buying

It may sound odd and counter-intuitive at first, but there are many reasons which contribute to the fact that renting is better than buying. Construciton equipments are mostly large sized and quite expensive to purchase. Also, money is not the only factor which comes into play when comparing the odds with the even. There are […]


Know more about the handy lighting solution: Solar Lighting Towers

You’ve probably heard of Solar powered houses, lamps and cars but there are other interesting things that run on Solar power. Solar Lighting Towers or SLT is the new type of efficient lighting. These are dedicated towers, only used for lighting which gathers its power directly from the sun with the help of solar panels. […]

LCD Advertising: The game changer in advertising

One of the most efficient ways to inform people about a product or service is by advertising. While most of the entertainment sources and channels are now filled with a lot of advertising, it apparently may seem not to be working because it might feel quite annoying to be honest. Nevertheless, the results from advertising […]

Top benefits of Radar Speed Signs

Humans have always been the thrill seeking kind and when it comes to driving a car, most people will choose to drive with high speed if there were no restrictions in effect or speedbreakers in place. More than 1.25 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes. The numbers are devastating […]

Enhanced road safety with temporary road barriers

Roads have always been one of the most unpredictable places that we can be. Though it sounds like a pessimistic expression, but the main purpose of saying so is to emphasise on the necessity of safety on our roads. It doesn’t take much to employ safety on the roads. Road safety is for all and […]

Grow your business with LED Billboards

It’s no wonder that the businesses are in a fierce competition now. That’s absolutely great for customers, because it means more benefits for them. But for the players who are in the field, it’s a matter of survival and sustainability. One of the biggest and most effective ways to let the customers know about a […]

Why you should use Solar Powered Surveillance Systems

Solar is the new cool thing, and it’s cool because it is environment friendly, flexible to use and highly effective. From supplying households with electricity in remote areas and lighting up streets, to providing electricity for surveillance systems. It might seem a bit odd at first, but Solar powered surveillance systems are a real thing […]

Know more about Solar Street Lights

Let’s be honest, whenever you hear ‘Solar Street Lights’, it sounds exciting and you think how would they look like? They are really cool things, at least because they are environment friendly. For a more greener world that we are in a constant effort to make, these Solar Street Lights (SSL) add to it in […]