VMS Board

Storm Season: Issue Traffic Warnings from your Phone

Improve road safety and minimise further incidents Traffic incidents are becoming increasingly frequent as roads become more congested. Coming into storm season, floods are also a threat. The ability to forewarn road users of pending hazards is now totally possible and easy using our VMS Cam – a surveillance camera mounted to a VMS Board […]


Slow Down! Improve Road Safety The “Radar Speed Sign“ is a solar, trailer-mount unit complete of an Australian design and make. With the primary benefit of reducing speeding traffic, the Radar Speed Sign promotes road safety, ideal for use on local roads, major highways, school zones and other speed-prone areas.

Radar Speed Check Sign

Radar Speed Sign

Put Safety First with ETC Hire’s New Solar Radar Speed Signs and Other Traffic Management Hire Equipment! All new to ETC Hire, the Radar Speed Sign is now available for hire! This 100% Australian designed and made product consists of an LED screen mounted on top of an easily transportable trailer. ETC Hire’s solar radar […]

Double the Advertising for Twice the Impact this Spring

Fitness Centres begin ramping up their advertising in Spring, as potential new members seek better bodies for the impending Summer. To help boost your promotions, ETC Hire offer cost effective indoor and outdoor advertising solutions, guaranteed to attract the attention of passing traffic. Try our in & out combo for added impact, creating awareness and […]

Dry Equipment Hire Available for Delivery Today!

Road construction is on the move, and we have the supplies to meet the demand. VMS Boards, Lighting Towers and Portable Traffic Lights are available for hire now, and we can deliver to your work site as soon as today! Call us NOW on 1300 382 447, or on mobile 0402 755 302.  

LCD Advertising Displays

 DIGITAL LCD ADVERTISING DISPLAY The LCD Advertising Display consists of split screen functionality using minimum power. The LED Displays are an extremely eye-catching advertising medium. Perfectly ideal for busy places such as shopping centres (retail outlets), cafes, restaurants, hotels, galleries, etc. Additionally, with a sharp HD picture and prominent animation software, it will attract passing traffic […]

HALF PRICE VMS Board & Advertising Display Combo

Whenever you hire any VMS Board from ETC Hire, RECEIVE an Advertising Display for only $75 per week, a saving of $75! VMS Boards are great for offering low cost outdoor advertising, catching the attention of passing traffic. Now you can double your marketing impact with twice the advertising, thanks to our LCD Displays: stand-up media players […]


July 5th, 2017 Are you organising any events? See what ETC Hire can offer you… When you need to add advertising or lighting to your event, we have the equipment to take it on! We’ve recently teamed up with Gold Coast Airport Marathon and provided them with our quality equipment to ensure their event was a success!

BarrierGuard 800


BG800 is a temporary steel barrier system for rapid deployment in road work areas. Approved to TL4 level by every Australian state road authority, BG800 provides a simple solution for traffic management. Due to its unique characteristics, BG800 contains and absorbs vehicle impact during a crash, whilst reducing damages to the barriers and vehicles involved. […]

Triton Barrier


TRITON BARRIER® TL-2 Plastic Barrier is an easy, transportable water filled barrier. It is suitable for redirecting traffic away from work sites as well as protecting site workers, pedestrians and motorists in the event of a collision. The 2m barrier sections interlock to create a highly durable traffic barrier. Some of the Great Features of the […]