The Portable Light Tower

The TL400 Portable Light Tower ETC Hire has a range of lighting towers in its catalogue, from the Solar Tower to the Overhead Tower. ETC is excited to introduce its newest lighting tower model, the TL-400 Portable Light Tower. The one-man-operated portable electric pole light tower. It is portable like a work light but has […]

Overhead Lighting Tower Now Available for Hire

Presenting the OVERHEAD LIGHTING TOWER, ETC’s new product and upgrade model of the pre-existing lighting towers, now available for hire. It has a range of superb features such as: 3.0m light outreach 350 degrees rotating motor 400 mm extended outriggers for stability (800mm total) Wheel locking chains 6-stage telescopic hydraulic mast 2.0m retracted, and 9.0m […]

Solar Lighting Tower ‘Venus’ Model Now Available for Hire.

ETC Hire has a selection of different Solar Lighting Towers. These environmentally friendly products are a source of emergency lighting, particularly portable streetlights. General benefits to these towers include: Makes no noise Produces no emissions 100% Solar No cost to run Can run night after night without regular maintenance Assists driver safety for your property […]

Tripod Radar Speed Check Sign Now Available For Hire

This new portable radar speed check sign is now available for hire. Easy to transport and setup and can be ready to run in minutes. Choose your trigger speed and the sign will take care of the rest. The current speed limit will be displayed as well as a smiley or sad face depending on […]