BarrierGuard 800


BG800 is a temporary steel barrier system for rapid deployment in road work areas. Approved to TL4 level by every Australian state road authority, BG800 provides a simple solution for traffic management. Due to its unique characteristics, BG800 contains and absorbs vehicle impact during a crash, whilst reducing damages to the barriers and vehicles involved.

  • BG800 Safety

When an unfortunate incident does occur, drivers are more likely to recover control of the steering wheel when contact is made with BG800. This is due to the vehicle being contained by the barrier once it has taken in the impact. As well as this, the barrier provides an additional improved safety aspect for all motorists. Thanks to its clean surface, there are no protruding bolts or gaps between barriers. This massively reduces the chances of impalement related injuries. Furthermore, the BG800 unique design allows for uses of both single and double sides of the barrier. This is well suited to many types of roads and purposes. Steel barriers are lighter than concrete barriers, making them a more manageable traffic barrier solution. BG800 are environmentally friendly and are quick and easy to set up on their own. All these great features have enabled BG800 to thrive in the traffic management hire industry.

ironman steel barriers

IRONMAN Steel Barriers

A fully compliant traffic barrier, Ironman Steel Barriers can work with both a range of end treatments or simply as a free standing system. Ideal for large or small road projects, these nifty barriers are equipped with wheels for easy maneuvering, and simple directors for diverting traffic. They offer light and durable characteristics compared to other temporary road barrier options.

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Triton Barrier


TRITON BARRIER® TL-2 Plastic Barrier is an easy, transportable water filled barrier. It is suitable for redirecting traffic away from work sites as well as protecting site workers, pedestrians and motorists in the event of a collision. The 2m barrier sections interlock to create a highly durable traffic barrier.

Some of the Great Features of the Triton Barrier Include:

  • The Triton Barrier is lightweight and easy to transport. In order to remain stable, it is important to fill these barriers after transporting and position them in the ideal location.
  • It provides safety for workers, pedestrians and motorists by offering collision energy absorbing protection in the case of an incident.
  • Its purpose is to redirect any vehicle that collides with the barrier, ensuring the vehicle is kept away from site workers. Furthermore, as an improved safety feature, the vehicle itself will receive less damage, thereby procuring more protection to the passengers.
  • Successfully crash tested under the Australian standards (AS3845-1999).
  • By using a single pin, each unit sets up and connects with other multiple units quickly and efficiently. Therefore, aside from a non-time-consuming set up, there is no need for heavy lifting in the process.
Armorzone™ Plastic Barriers


ARMORZONE™ PLASTIC BARRIERS are highly durable water-filled barriers. Their design allows for excellent work site protection for temporary sites as well as other types of road activities. They have a unique polyethylene composition, profile design and steel pin connector. This allows the barrier to be installed straight or curved to a minimum radius of 28m if required.  They are the perfect choice for road works in a 50-70km/hr work zone. Due to their relative lightweight (60kg each), water barriers can be deployed without the need for heavy lifting equipment.

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JJ Hooks Concrete Barriers


JJ HOOKS CONCRETE BARRIERS provide high-level protection for site staff working in a traffic zone. They offer the best possible quality and level of traffic safety and control. In addition, the barriers can also be used to direct traffic away from the work site.

As a temporary fixture, the barriers reduce risks on the road such as head-on collisions from vehicles involved in an incident. Due to the barrier’s excellent design and heavy weight, it provides a great ability to redirect the impacted vehicle. This reduces the risk of out-of-control vehicles returning to the stream of traffic and cause further damage and traffic pile ups. Traffic management hire companies and traffic control equipment hire agencies agree that JJ Hooks barriers are a great choice.

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Absorb 350 Crash Cushion


The ABSORB 350 CRASH CUSHION does not require any ground anchoring and can be used in multiple speed conditions. It is ideal for contractors due to the ease of maintenance after an impact and its quick and easy deployment. At 610 mm (24”) wide, this impact attenuator ideally suits narrow areas in road zones as well as work space areas. The ABSORB 350 Anchor-less Crash Cushion is easy to restore after an impact because the Attenuator uses standardised modules.  The use of standardised modules also helps to reduce inventory costs. Since they cut costs, they are an excellent traffic management hire choice.

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Quadguard® crash cushion


The QUADGUARD® CRASH CUSHION is designed to shield hazards from 610mm to 3200mm wide, and for speeds from 40km/h to 120km/h. In addition, each QuadGuard® crash cushion system consists of crushable, energy-absorbing cartridges surrounded by a framework of exclusive steel Quad-Beam™ panels. Furthermore, the QuadGuard® System has successfully passed the complete NCHRP 350 Test Level 2 & 3 test matrix. Higher speed units are also available.

During head-on impacts, the QuadGuard® System’s telescope goes rearwards and progressively crushes the cartridges to absorb the energy of impact. When impacted from the side, the QuadGuard® System safely redirects the errant vehicle back toward its original path without gating. In addition, the fully-tested transition panels are available to all common guard rail profiles, concrete structures and temporary steel barriers.

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