Know more about the handy lighting solution: Solar Lighting Towers

You’ve probably heard of Solar powered houses, lamps and cars but there are other interesting things that run on Solar power. Solar Lighting Towers or SLT is the new type of efficient lighting. These are dedicated towers, only used for lighting which gathers its power directly from the sun with the help of solar panels.

It has many uses, night construction sites, roadside lighting, remote area lighting, beachside, camping, or even small posts. They are handy for a number of reasons like –

  • Portable – Solar Lighting Towers can be moved from one place to another easily because it has wheels.
  • Strong foothold – It has stands and clamps to strongly attach it with the ground where it needs to be fitted.
  • Easy to deploy – They are fairly easy to deploy or setup. With some simple steps and unlocking components and then hooking them with pins makes it ready.
  • High capacity lighting – SLTs are capable of delivering high capacity lighting compared to stationary units of generator sourced power.
  • Environment friendly – This should almost go without saying, but it’s too important of a feature to not mention. No fossil fuel or other harmful fuel source is used. Only the power of the sun captured with no harm to the environment. Perfect Green solution to lighting.
  • No direct connection required – Follow up to the previous reason, no cabling is required for direct connection to any electricity source.
  • No power cables necessary – No power cables or hassle of extra cables necessary for lighting.
  • Automation – SLTs can be programmed to turn on and off at designated times.
  • Longer lifespan – LED light fitted SLTs go a long way. They are less prone to getting out of order.
  • Less servicing – As the SLTs including the LED lights are more durable, they require little servicing.
  • Instant on-off – There is no warm up needed to light up these towers, they just light up in an instant.
  • Lightweight – This makes it easy to transport it easily on the back of carry trucks or can be towed to medium or small distances, as some of these comes in a trailer.

The word handy is a perfect fit for SLTs, with all the features and benefits it brings to the board. So if you’re thinking of an affordable, portable, easy and efficient lighting solution – Solar Lighting Towers are your ultimate solution.