Monthly Deals

 ETC Hire is offering a SPECIAL on all Trailer Mounted Portable Traffic Lights (PTL2).

For the entire month of June, you can hire one of our units for $400/wk.

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Why Hire one of our Trailer Mounted Portable Traffic Lights.

ETC Hire supply portable traffic lights and trailers to meet all your road traffic management requirements. You can reduce the risk of traffic hazards and accidents quickly when you deploy a temporary traffic light at your work site or event.

Our trailer mounted traffic light is designed to work reliably, even in challenging weather and extreme environmental conditions. The traffic light meets all of Queensland’s safety and legal standards, as well as Australian Standard AS4191 for portable traffic lights.

They are powered with solar energy, which means they make no noise, release no emissions, and the ongoing running costs are non-existent. They come trailer mounted, so they are easy to transport from location to location. Our portable traffic lights can be used individually, or they can be networked together to create a traffic light system that can control an intersection.

The portable traffic lights from ETC Hire are available in 2-Way, 3-Way, 4-Way, 4-Way Independent, and Pedestrian Mode.

Besides of the Special June Deal, other benefits include:

  • Versatile

These portable traffic lights make controlling traffic a breeze. You may use a traffic light to control traffic flow in busy locations like schools and construction sites.

  • Increased Efficiency

It is common for two construction workers to stand at the intersection with stop-and-go signs to direct traffic. On the other hand, the portable traffic lights system offered by ETC Hire needs a single person to operate. You can use those two more hands on the project. As a result, it has the potential to boost output and decrease the duration of construction.

  • Cost Savings

Investing in portable traffic signals can save you a great deal of money in the long run. The cost savings are immediately apparent when you consider the labour costs of a traffic controller and the risk involved in using a person rather than a machine.

  • Increased Safety

The main reason to use portable traffic lights is that they remove the need for traffic controllers to be present on the road. By eliminating the human factor, the chances of the traffic controller being harmed is reduced dramatically or eliminated depending on the type of traffic light used.

  • Better Visibility

The unit uses bright LED lights which are clearly visible during the day and night-time. They even cut through heavy rain and fog in many situations. LEDs can be seen from long distances and help motorists to anticipate the changed road conditions as they approach. Another benefit of LED’s is the energy efficiency and long-lasting life making them effective for many years of use.

  • Convenience

The mobile nature of portable traffic lights and the easy set up makes them a convenient way to manage traffic. Less training and preparation are involved and more time getting the job done. The design of each unit is to provide the best benefit from the least amount of equipment.