Put Safety First with ETC Hire’s New PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS

NEW to ETC Hire…the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS. Designed to Queensland Transport & Main Roads specifications, the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS offers improved safety for Traffic Controllers over the traditional Stop/Go sign, meeting all Australian standards, and with many extra unique features. Fully designed and manufactured in Australia, the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS is lightweight and very easy to transport and set up, requiring only one person! The unit is mounted on a sturdy foldable stand, able to be positioned off the road out of the traffic. The PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS can be operated as one unit, as a pair for shuttle control or as multiple units, all controlled via one hand controller and one traffic controller. As the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS is programmed via a hand controller, the whole process of managing traffic is made safer, keeping the Traffic Controller off the road, out of harm’s way.

The dual purpose radio remote controller enables programming of the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS, and pairing of multiple sets of the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS. Powered by a long-life lithium iron phosphate battery, it features 16 hours of continuous operation time per charge (back-up battery of an extra 50 hours charge available), and can easily be recharged via a 12V or 24V vehicle for on-site convenience, or via an optional battery charger or mains power.

This product was designed and built by trusted local Australian engineers to offer our clients a safety first premium product, improving the safety of both road workers and motorists. Since the products are designed and made in Australia, the functionality is perfectly tailored to the needs of Australian road users. As a result, our PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS are hugely popular in the Gold Coast and Brisbane traffic management hire market.

Download PTL-3 Brochure