Radar Speed Signs

Put safety first with our Gold Coast radar speed signs and traffic management hire equipment!

ETC Hire has affordable, Australian-made Gold Coast radar speed signs available for hire locally and throughout Brisbane and surrounding regions. We also operate on the Sunshine Coast and throughout Byron Bay, Northern Rivers and Northern New South Wales. The solar radar speed sign has a high resolution LED screen mounted on top of an easily transportable trailer. ETC Hire’s solar radar speed signs are 100% powered by natural energy, so there are no ongoing running costs, making these a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to reduce driver speed.

In conjunction with controlling traffic speed through automated signs, the radar speed sign has also been designed to record drivers speed. This valuable data  can be used to determine if  traffic lights or other traffic control equipment is needed on a permanent basis. This automated model was designed and built to improve the safety of both road workers and motorists and is tailored to the needs of Australian road users. As a result, our radar speed signs are hugely popular in the Gold Coast and Brisbane traffic management hire market.

Applications of radar speed signs on the Gold Coast and Brisbane

Radar speed signs are designed to detect the speed of passing vehicles and display the corresponding message on the screen for the person in the vehicle to see. If the vehicle is travelling at a faster rate than the speed limit, the LED sign will appear with a “sad face” plus the relevant speed limit, followed by a “slow down” message to remind drivers that they need to reduce their speed. In contrast, the sign will display a “smiley face” if the vehicle is travelling at the correct speed limit or less.

  • Creates driver & general public awareness
  • Reduces the speed of traffic
  • Prevents potential accidents in high risk areas
  • Protects drivers & pedestrians
  • Perfect for roads that often experience speeding vehicles

Why ETC Hire’s radar speed signs are unique for traffic control equipment hire 

  • 100% Australian designed and made
  • Small, compact trailer for instant set-up and easy transportation
  • Up to 2 individual trailers can be towed in tandem at one time
  • Lightweight, easy for one person to move
  • Records and stores time-stamped speed records
  • Reset speed recording simply via hand controller

Standard Features of Radar Speed Signs

  • Solar powered
  • Built-in diagnostics (radar, power, speed limit selector etc.)
  • Fully automatic brightness control
  • Powerful, low power 32-bit processor
  • Passive cooling (no fans)
  • Ultra low current draw
  • Wide range of selectable speed limits (10 to 110km)
  • Time-stamped speed records
  • Real time clock & calendar
  • Over/under speed report
  • 2 x display modes (speed limit, traffic speed)
  • 7-Colour (RGB) LED Display
  • Desktop utility to retrieve events
  • 100,000+ hours LED lifespan
  • Total viewing angle of 120 degrees

Suitable Uses of Radar Speed Signs on the Gold Coast and Brisbane

  • Private & public roads
  • State government roads
  • School zones & surrounding roads
  • Suburban areas
  • Traffic control areas
  • Road work sites
  • Construction sites
  • Places where traffic management hire equipment is required

Contact us today for a competitive quote on our Gold Coast radar speed signs and traffic control equipment for hire. Find out more about our signs by checking out our blog via: https://bit.ly/2TZrNFR