trailer mounted radar speed check sign

Radar Speed Signs Offer the Latest in Safety & Technology

ETC Hire puts safety at the forefront of road technology with temporary traffic management hire equipment and trailer mounted speed signs. The trailer signs are temporary and portable radar speed signs. They can quickly be set up to protect drivers at potential scenes of traffic hazards and workplaces in Brisbane.   

How Radar Speed Signs Work

Our radar speed signs use radar technology to identify the speeds at which cars are travelling and display them on a large solar powered LED sign. One benefit of this is that it encourages drivers to slow down their driving speed near the trailer signs. When the trailer mounted speed signs display a sad face emoji, along with the driver’s numerical driving speed (kph), the driver can see that they are speeding. Similarly, cars that are travelling under the limit receive a smiley face emoji with their driving speed data. 

Radar Speed Sign Wireless Technology

Driver data is also connected to cloud storage via a wireless SIM card in the radar speed check signs. The trailer signs can record and transmit up to 10 000 time-stamped speed records. These records can be downloaded remotely from an office computer, so that the safety data can be analysed later. 

Analysis of speed data records from the radar speed signs can help businesses to clock the speeds at which cars are travelling in a specific area. This can help to identify if there is a need for more permanent lights or traffic safety management in that location. In business applications, radar speed signs help to create a safe working environment. 

Trailer Mounted Speed Signs are Easily Portable

Trailer mounted speed signs from ETC Hire use LED lighting that is powered with solar energy. This makes them very eco-friendly, low maintenance and cost-effective, as there are no ongoing running costs. Trailer signs are also highly portable, lightweight, and easy for a single person to move. Two individual trailers can be towed in tandem and are easy to transport. 

Radar speed check signs are also available mounted on tripods

Keep drivers and staff safe with ETC Hire’s range of radar speed check signs and traffic management solutions in Brisbane. Contact us online or call 1300 382 447 today for more information.