Be Seen Where It Matters with Led Signage in Australia

Your road safety or promotional message will be seen clearly with high-visibility, high-impact portable LED signage. ETC Hire offers smart electronic solutions for your messaging. We have everything you need including speed sign options, single colour or 4 colour variable message signs, and LED billboard signage with full colour images and graphics. All of which can be positioned prominently for high visibility to road traffic. ETC Hire will help you get your marketing message and road safety warnings across Australia.


Our LED technology is energy efficient and effective in low sunlight. Using an independent energy source, it can be set up in locations with no access to mains power including outdoors, next to busy roads, or in retail car parks. You can easily change your road traffic advice or sales message from your controller interface with our smart VMS signs and full colour LED trailer-mounted billboard screens. Speak to us to learn more.


Our full colour P10 LED sign is a billboard size trailer-mounted, full colour LED screen that can display vibrant full colour images, video images or graphics for your marketing campaign. Your screen connects to your smartphone, tablet or computer, so you can easily change messages remotely. The LED billboard is mounted on a trailer and features an independently raised swivel, so you can raise and rotate your screen to achieve optimal visibility.


A VMS (Variable Message Sign) board is a low maintenance, flexible and cost-effective form of large format digital signage. VMS signs can be mounted on a trailer, truck, vehicle roof or utility vehicle tray. Displaying text only graphics that are highly visible to passing traffic, these are ideal for road traffic messaging, safety warnings and text-based sales messaging. VMS signs can be used in car parks or at road works to assist with traffic control while four colour signs are ideal for marketing messages.


LED radar speed signs promote road safety by acting as a deterrent to speeding drivers. Radar speed signs can display the speed at which the driver is travelling to encourage them to keep to the legal speed limit. ETC Hire also offers a LED speed sign that displays a recommended speed limit to increase road safety and improve traffic management.

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