Solar lamp electricity system for alternative power energy on street, Future renewable supply source

Solar Lighting Towers: No Noise, No Emissions and No On-Going Costs

Solar lighting towers from ETC Hire are your environmentally friendly source of emergency lighting when it comes to portable street lights in Brisbane. The solar powered light tower makes no noise, emits no emissions, and is 100% solar, meaning it costs nothing to run! 

The solar lighting towers will run night after night without needing regular maintenance. Lighting tower hire for your property or workplace assists driver safety and is an effective deterrent to thieves and unwanted visitors. ETC Hire is proud to offer lighting tower hire amongst our range of quality, eco-friendly, traffic management equipment in Brisbane. We tell you why. 

It Runs on Solar Power

During a sunny day, the solar powered light tower can store energy produced by the sun, making it very economical to run on an on-going basis. 

It’s Quiet

The solar powered light tower makes no noise, either! This means that it will not distract you or your employees from the work you are doing. 

It Expels No Emissions

Since the solar powered light tower is powered by solar power, there are no emissions from energy production or usage. 

It’s Automatic

The solar powered light tower works automatically, conveniently switching on at sunset and switching off at dawn, which means you will be saving power and energy.

It’s Australian Made

The solar powered light tower is not only 100% Australian made, but it is designed in Australia as well. 

It Uses 30W LED Lights

LEDs are a very efficient form of lighting. The amount of light produced by an LED light bulb uses a fraction of the energy used by traditional lights, because it does not generate heat. LED lights are also longer lasting, making them more environmentally sustainable. 

It Acts as a Security System

The solar street light is not only great at deterring unwanted visitors, but it also contains a motion sensor and a CCTV camera that will start recording when it detects motion. The system can be remotely operated using a smart device or PC. 

It Increases Your Safety

Illumination from the 6-metre stand of the solar powered light tower casts a wide area of light on your property. Solar light towers at night can assist driver visibility and highlight hazards on the road or in the workplace. 

Lighting Tower Hire is Available from ETC Hire Now

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