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ETC Hire is offering all VMS Boards for $180 p/week. This offer is only for a limited time. Until the end of February.

Variable message signs (VMS) can be instrumental in improving road safety, mainly because they can communicate information to drivers on the road effectively. Whether on roads, highways, freeways, motorways, tunnel entrances or rural regions.

However, VMS boards can also be used for other services. VMS boards can also be used for advertising. A way to make your advertisement stand out, promote your business, and display any message.

Your message is written in LED lights, mounted on a trailer, and can be raised to a height of three metres. Making it visible to every passing car and pedestrian.

How can VMS Boards help with road safety?

Messages can be displayed to warn passing drivers of unexpected hazards or changes in traffic conditions. For example, statements such as heavy traffic, road works ahead, flooded roads, or other road issues or traffic warnings can be specific. The effectiveness of VMS is that they are visible to all drivers, so they can be on alert about any traffic issue ahead and assist in keeping the roads safe.

How can VMS Boards help your business?

Having your company’s message on a VMS can be a great way to get the word out, whether a sale or event. Unlike traditional signs, our VMS sign’s ultra-bright LED lights ensure that your message can still be advertised and clearly seen. Even under bad weather, such as heavy rain.

Our boards are more than simple advertisements. The boards are equipped with the latest LED graphics, allowing you to include moving images, symbols, and logos to bring more awareness and interest and increase brand recognition.

What a business could do.

A business (big or small) uses our VMS boards for various strategies. Such as advertising sales and promotions, advertising membership offers, launching a store or location, promoting a special event, traffic management, and much more.

Why Hire a VMS

All our boards are portable, energy efficient, and energy independent. They are solar powered, meaning there is virtually no ongoing running cost, and they are environmentally friendly.

Free message changing and scheduling are included (during business hours). Most importantly, the boards can be taken anywhere and placed accordingly.