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Temporary fencing can be used for securing various exposed and vulnerable areas from an array of different hazardous situations. Construction sites, home building, events, festivals, sporting events, concerts etc. are just some such applications. Due to its convenience, we supply mesh fencing panels, to ensure all your equipment, work sites and people are as safe and sound as possible.

Our Brisbane and Gold Coast Temporary Fencing Options:

Hoarding Panels

Temporary hoarding panels consist of high density polypropylene. Hoarding panels can bring an attractive appearance to any event or occasion because they completely block out views from outside. This means hoarding panels ensure privacy, while creating an aura of exclusiveness, which can elevate the status of any event, party, concert, sporting event or anything in between. All these great features make hoarding panels an absolutely essential item in any traffic management hire store.

Prestige Fencing

If you’re looking for a traffic control management hire item to protect your event guests from mishaps, prestige fencing is a great choice. Prestige fencing can also create a look of class and importance like hoarding panels but in a slightly different way. The vertical bars on each prestige panel create a high-end look whilst also providing unique anti-climb properties, making them perfect for events, concerts, and festivals. Because of its unique anti-climb properties, prestige fencing provides an extra layer of security which deters perpetrators from infiltrating events.

Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd control barriers are freestanding and are also extremely easy to install. As a result, they are ideal for all sorts of events. For example, crowd control barriers are a popular tool that is often used to contain crowds in sporting events, concerts, festivals, and seasonal markets etc. They are also used to great effect in regular roads and footpaths for pedestrian containment purposes. Their mobility, light weight and convenience means you can relocate them anywhere you want to suit your requirements. When it comes to traffic control equipment hire, crowd control barriers are very difficult to ignore.

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