Top benefits of Radar Speed Signs

Humans have always been the thrill seeking kind and when it comes to driving a car, most people will choose to drive with high speed if there were no restrictions in effect or speedbreakers in place. More than 1.25 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes. The numbers are devastating and that’s why its more than necessary to regulate the speed of vehicles however possible to reduce the unexpected deaths and injuries.

One of the notable initiatives among many, was to inform the drivers by placing speed limit signs at places. Restricted areas, residential areas, or even highways have all these speed limit signs posted for the drivers so that they can control their speed and keep it within limit.

In the past two or three decades, the rapid imporvement in technology has given us so many useful options, that we often forget to appreciate it or even become oblivious of it happening. All aspects of human lives and lifestyle have improved drastically through the contribution of technology and innovation.

Radar Speed Signs are the next step in controlling traffic speed. It’s an additional LED lit sign that sits just below the static speed limit sign. It is capable of recording the speed of an incoming vehicle and then display it through the LED lights. The main device used for recording speed is called a speed gun, which is usually placed at a reasonable distance before the speed sign so that it can capture the speed, and then display it by the time the driver passes by the sign.

There are many benefits to using a Radar Speed Sign like –

  • Survey and reports from different sources and highway authorities have indicated that drivers can capture and process information shown by the LED more easily and effectively as opposed to the conventional ways of showing speed limits.
  • Changing message and information in the radar speed signs are easier and much more flexible. Conventional boards have to be opened, repainted with updated information and then put up again. In this case, the speed is instantly shown in the LED board without the need to change or touch anything.
  • Due to not having to open the board frequently for showing updated information, it saves a lot of time and money.
  • These are easy to install and start-up costs are less than conventional signs.
  • These do not need frequent maintenance routines and therefore the maintenance budget is also possible to be kept in a minimum.
  • A bit more complex type of benefit is a combination of flexibility and ease. Since they are small in size (some can fit in the trunk of a car), they’re easy to carry and it takes only a short time to deploy them at a convenient place. It is easy to transport to any place needed by the law enforcement officers and then they can readily deploy and record data for the passing vehicles and then use that data to make a point about speeding problem with the latest updated information.
  • The above mentioned point helps to gather data for research and higher level decision making and some basic statistical data for finding trends.
  • Many times the drivers will mistakenly overspeed and then receive tickets from the officers. With radar speed signs, sometimes overspeeding drivers are given a chance to correct their speed, and it has been seen that by the time they reach the second speed radar sign, they’re speed is taken below the limit. This results in happier drivers and safer roads.
  • Radar Speed Signs reduce the need for humps and bumps for slowing down a vehicle. In emergency situations, ambulances, fire service, police vehicles and other first responders need to rush to the scene immediately and humps can slow them down, every second matters in those moments.
  • They reduce the need for manpower. With speed guns and radar signs in place, most drivers comply, even if they mistakenly speed up, they reduce their speed at earliest and avoid tickets. A traffic officer doesn’t need to keep standing or chase down a speeding vehicle every now and then. That officer can apply his time to a more serious task.

The above mentioned points are the main benefits of radar speed signs, and it can be seen that with so many advantages, Radar Speed Signs have brought enormous positive transformation in our lives and should be installed widely across the country for a safer road for all.