Triton Barrier

TRITON BARRIER® TL-2 Plastic Barrier is an easy, transportable water filled barrier. It is suitable for redirecting traffic away from work sites as well as protecting site workers, pedestrians and motorists in the event of a collision. The 2m barrier sections interlock to create a highly durable traffic barrier.

Some of the Great Features of the Triton Barrier Include:

  • The Triton Barrier is lightweight and easy to transport. In order to remain stable, it is important to fill these barriers after transporting and position them in the ideal location.
  • It provides safety for workers, pedestrians and motorists by offering collision energy absorbing protection in the case of an incident.
  • Its purpose is to redirect any vehicle that collides with the barrier, ensuring the vehicle is kept away from site workers. Furthermore, as an improved safety feature, the vehicle itself will receive less damage, thereby procuring more protection to the passengers.
  • Successfully crash tested under the Australian standards (AS3845-1999).
  • By using a single pin, each unit sets up and connects with other multiple units quickly and efficiently. Therefore, aside from a non-time-consuming set up, there is no need for heavy lifting in the process.