Why you should use Solar Powered Surveillance Systems

Solar is the new cool thing, and it’s cool because it is environment friendly, flexible to use and highly effective. From supplying households with electricity in remote areas and lighting up streets, to providing electricity for surveillance systems. It might seem a bit odd at first, but Solar powered surveillance systems are a real thing and it is very useful because of its unique advantages.

Over the years, the world of surveillance has seen much improvements, especially with the aid of technological advancement. Solar power is the latest addition to this and it’s better when it comes to intrusion detection and providing top notch security for your home. Here are some reasons why you should install a solar powered surveillance systems.

  • No electricity bill: Since it absorbs power from the sun, there is no electricity used from the direct connection and there will be no bills to pay.
  • Quick and easy installation: Compared to other types of surveillance, solar powered surveillance systems are easier to install. It also takes less time. Mainly because there is not much cabling involved in the process. That’s why if you need a quick setup, solar is the ideal choice.
  • Backup power: Your solar panel system might be able to harvest some extra energy out of the sun, and it doesn’t go to waste, because there is a backup facility for storing extra power. Capacity is not a problem and you can enjoy seamless security with surveillance throughout the day and night.
  • Location readiness: Unlike conventional surveillance systems, solar powered cameras are easier to install. Due to less cabling, it can fit in narrow places and provide security from angles and places normal cameras won’t be able to do.
  • Hard to notice: Solar powered surveillance cameras are difficult to detect as there is less cabling, which often can work as a giveaway for a surveillance camera but solar powered ones are more discreet.
  • No power line dependency: Even if the bad guys manage to cut the main line to your house, your surveillance will still be on because it doesn’t rely on the main power line. This provides additional security.
  • Environment friendly: Since no fossil fuel or other harmful form of power is used to powering up these surveillance systems, you can easily go green and embrace this environment friendly solution.
  • Wireless magic: When connected to a wireless transmitter, it can send surveillance signal wirelessly to a receiver that might be far away, as far as upto 2 miles away when such powerful transmitter and receivers are used! This makes it a totally impeccable security systems.

It’s easily understandable why and how solar powered surveillance systems are an ideal choice. It doesn’t cost as much as you think, so get the nextgen solution for protecting your house and relax while going green.