The Venus Lighting Towers

The new design Solar Lighting Tower ‘VENUS’ (SLT3) offers new intelligence to the lighting tower market – a brighter, smarter, sharper design on traditional lighting towers.

Taking site lighting to a whole new level, experience Australian engineering at its finest with:

  • Tilting solar panels to capture the endless Australian sunlight.
  • Fold up draw bar to reduce overall footprint.
  • 3 x 350W LG solar panels that easily slide in and out of the structure.
  • A 355° rotating motor to allow for precision control of light direction.

With zero toxic emissions and ongoing power, the VENUS will become your new best friend – a low cost highly effective site and security light, minimising any ongoing operational costs whilst assisting to reduce your carbon footprint.

There are many reasons to consider a SLT3 for your site or business:

  • Security

Lighting towers can be used to efficiently illuminate your work site, warehouse or factory at night. The bright light is beneficial in numerous ways, but when it comes to security, it acts as an excellent deterrent for intruders. It also features a CCTV camera that you can view remotely, streaming live footage on your smart device.

  • Road Safety

Lighting towers have masts of up to 6 metres tall for a wide area of illumination, which will assist driver safety at night as well.

  • Construction and/or mining sites, and civil work

The street light illumination of our light tower can provide work for construction sites, mining sites, and civil works in evening conditions or conditions of low light.

  • Outdoor Entertainment and Outdoor Sporting Events

Lighting towers can illuminate large outdoor spaces. This is useful for illuminating evening sporting events, musical events, and evening entertainment.

  • Car Parks and Residential Areas

Lighting towers can provide light and security for car parks and residential areas. They also improve road safety for drivers and can illuminate streets to reveal if another person is close.

  • Night Works & Emergency Night Works

For civil emergencies, lighting towers can shine bright light on emergency works, ensuring safety and after dark illumination. These lighting towers can also be used in locations that are not connected to power, in the case of the electricity grid going down.

  • Short- or Long-Term Use

Lighting towers are energy independent and self-sufficient. They can be used night after night without noise, emissions, or regular maintenance.