Portable Traffic Lights

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Portable Traffic Lights

Here at ETC Hire, we take safety very seriously, and therefore it is always in our active efforts to meet all the safety and legal standards that are in place on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. ETC Hire tries to go above and beyond all the standards in the traffic management hire industry because there can never be any compromise with safety or quality. Our portable traffic lights are no exception to this policy. Due to our quality guarantee, we ensure all our traffic lights meet the requirements of AS4191.

Our portable traffic lights are designed and made in Australia to suit the harsh Aussie climate and road conditions. Additionally, they are trailer-mounted for easy transportation and that makes them suitable for any site or area. Portable traffic lights can be used individually or linked with other sets to create larger systems. ETC Hire is the only company in Australia which supplies pedestrian mode portable traffic lights for hire!

Our Range of Gold Coast & Brisbane Portable Traffic Lights Available for Hire Include:

  • 2-Way
  • 3-Way
  • 4-Way
  • 4-Way independent


The Features and Benefits of our Brisbane & Gold Coast Portable Traffic Lights Include:

Because our portable traffic lights are solar powered, they are very cheap to operate. This massively cuts costs. Additionally, being solar powered means that they are extremely eco-friendly. Due to their durable and reliable qualities, our portable traffic lights are ideal for the traffic and event industries even in the harshest of conditions. You can choose to hire a single set or multiple sets of portable traffic lights. When linked together, our portable traffic lights can create larger systems to accommodate more advertising or traffic related content at once! This improves the visibility and the impact of the message displayed. With nine frequency channels, the PTLs operate in a variety of ways.

 These include:

  • Manual operation
  • Vehicle triggered
  • Set by a timer
  • Radio remote control
  • Solar powered
  • Link multiple sets
  • Quick and easy set up/pack up

Additional Features:

  • Australian made trailers
  • Removable drawbars to prevent theft
  • Gel batteries
  • 24/7 emergency line

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