Solar Street Lights

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A fully integrated system with LED lights, batteries and solar panels within one unit. The units mount to almost anything and are very easy to install. Offering 100,000 hours of operation per LED light, they turn on at dusk and off at dawn automatically. With a range of watts and sizes available, there is a solar light to suit any application, large or small. The all-in-one solar street lights are a more cost effective and eco-friendly alternative to other units, making them essential in the traffic management hire business.

Street lights are an essential piece of equipment in any locality. They help light up streets which accommodate easy passage during night time or sometimes even during hazy conditions when visibility is poor. Another very useful application of street lights is that they often deter crime because perpetrators want to remain in the shadows.

As their name suggests, the solar street lights are run with the energy of the sun. This means the running cost of these new solar street lights is negligible and they are excellent value for money since they provide so much light for so long at such little cost. This makes solar street lights one of the most desirable products in any traffic control equipment hire shop.

ETC Hire offers two variations of solar street lights. The first, is the LED solar street light with surveillance camera. The second, is the all-in-one design.

Our LED Solar Street Light with Surveillance Camera Specifications:

SYSTEM SECURITY: Three-level account, password rights management

DYNAMIC DOMAIN NAME: Can be embedded; permanent free domain name

MOBILE ACCESS: Supports iPhone & Android APP

LENS: 3.6mm standard

RESOLUTION: HD (1280x720P), VGA (640×480), QVGA (320×240)

IMAGE ADJUSTMENT: Adjustable brightness and contrast; auto white balance

NIGHT VISION EFFECT: LED light, night vision distance is 10-15m

APPLICATION: Indoor hoisting or wall mounting

POWER SUPPLY: DC12V/1A (POE power supply is optional)

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Microsoft Win98 SE/ME/2000/XP, Vista, Win 7 OS; Internet Explorer 8.0, Firefox, Google Browser, Professional Client Management Software.

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Our LED Solar Street Light All-in-One Design Specifications:

Model Number 5W 30W 60W
Solar Panel 7V/5W 18V/60W 18V/80W
Light Source 5W Epistar LED 30W CREE LED 60W CREE LED
Colour Temp 6000-6500K 6000-6500K 6000-6500K
Luminous Flux 500-550Lm 3000-3300Lm 6000-6600Lm
Working Hours >12 hrs >15 hrs >15 hrs
Net Weight 2.1kg 16.5kg 20kg

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