Solar Lighting Tower

Noise and emission free lighting

We have high quality solar lighting towers available for hire for all types of civil, building and construction applications. Our solar light towers (SLT) are Australian designed and engineered, and 100% solar powered, which means no ongoing running costs. The SLT is self-sufficient and will operate night after night without noise, emissions or regular maintenance.

Our solar light towers will efficiently illuminate your work site, warehouse or factory. The fully automated and trailer mounted light towers have masts up to 6 metres for extensive illumination.

Perfect for outdoor events, construction sites and illuminating any dark areas onsite, the solar light towers are ideal for providing security at night.

Simple and easy to transport and set up, solar lighting towers can be set to run automatically and will turn on by dusk and off by dawn without any human input required.


Different applications for Solar Light Towers:

    • Civil work
    • Traffic control
    • Construction sites
    • Mine sites
    • Night works
    • Outdoor events
    • Car parks
    • Machinery yards
    • Open spaces
    • Residential areas
    • Sports clubs
    • Other traffic management hire related fields

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Light, camera or combined units

Each solar street light unit is a fully integrated system with LED lights, batteries and solar panels.

The units are available with a stand or mount to almost anything and are very easy to install.

Fully autonomous, these lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

With a range of watts and sizes available, there are solar lighting solutions to illuminate roads, paths, parks, sports fields, warehouses, factories, new developments and industrial premises of any scale. 

Solar street lights not only ensure driver safety at night, these are also an effective deterrent for thieves, trespassers and other unwanted visitors on your property.

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New Product: Solar Street Lights

A fully integrated system with LED lights, batteries and solar panels within one unit. The units mount to almost anything and are very easy to install. Offering 100,000 hours of operation per LED light, they turn on at dusk and off at dawn automatically. With a range of watts and sizes available, there is a solar light to suit any application, large or small. The all-in-one Solar Street Lights are a more cost effective and Eco-friendly alternative to other units.


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