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ETC HIRE specialises in Brisbane and Gold Coast sign hire and traffic control equipment hire for advertising products, events and projects.  We pride ourselves on having the latest technology in traffic equipment and signage available for hire and providing expert advice and service. Please refer to the hire information below prior to your booking.

Terms & Conditions of Hire Information

All individuals / companies / parties ‘The Customer’ who request hire or purchase of equipment from ETC Hire Pty Ltd ‘ETC’ agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1. The Customer’s sign(s) requirements is/are set out above and in the accompanying message form which the Customer shall complete and return to ETC with the signed agreement.

2. The Customer will pay ETC the hire costs, charges and other amounts payable under this agreement on receipt of ETC invoice without demand.

3. ETC may increase the hire costs and charges set out above from time to time and the Customer agrees to be liable for same in terms of this agreement upon notification of such increases from ETC.

4. The sign(s) is/are on hire from the date and time of allocation of a hire number by ETC to the Customer.

5. The sign(s) is/are not off hire until off hire status is confirmed by ETC.

6. The Customer shall give ETC at least 24 hours advance notice in writing of the date on which the sign(s) are to become off hire and the Customer will also give such notification orally by telephone to ETC on telephone number 0402 755 302 or such other telephone number as ETC may notify to the Customer from time to time.

7. The hire fees and charges are charged on a per day basis until the sign(s) are off hire in accordance with this agreement and will not be pro-rated.

8. The per day rate is calculated as a period of 24 hours any time above this will be calculated at the applicable rate.

9. Except to the extent of any limited self-insurance election by the Customer provided for above, the sign(s) is/are at the risk of the Customer from the date and time of acceptance of this hire request and order until return of the sign(s) to ETC.

10. Nothing contained in this agreement shall be construed as preventing the Customer from obtaining the Customer’s own insurance in respect of the sign(s) and all risks associated with the delivery, location and use, of the sign(s) but the Customer agrees in the event of such insurance to nominate ETC as a co-insured under the policy. The customer is required to supply a copy thereof to ETC upon request.

11. The Customer shall ensure that the sign(s) is/are maintained in good working order and condition and is/are returned to ETC in substantially the same condition and state of repair as when taken on hire. Any damage will be notified to the customer. The customer will be responsible for the payment of all repair costs invoiced to them on a COD basis.

12. The Customer will pay, and is liable for, all:
(a) taxes;
(b) charges;
(c) duties;
(d) licence fees;
(e) permit fees;
(f) approval fees;
(g) costs and charges of any other description –
relating to and arising from this hire agreement and the location, operation and use, of the sign(s) and shall at the Customer’s cost obtain all necessary licences, permits and consents, for the delivery, location and operation of the sign(s).

13. The Customer shall forthwith supply to ETC copy of any and all documented applications, requests, licences, permits, consents, and other documents, pertaining to the delivery, location and operation, of the sign(s) as are necessary for the lawful use and operation of same.

14. In the event that ETC should be requested by any government or regulatory agency to remove or relocate any sign(s), the Customer agrees that ETC may do so immediately and without any liability of ETC to the Customer and in which event:

(a) any and all costs incurred by ETC will be for the Customer’s account which the Customer will promptly pay ETC upon notification;
(b) the customer shall forthwith give ETC direction as to an alternative location for the sign(s) and the Customer shall be liable for all costs, charges and fees, of ETC, in complying with that direction.

15. The Customer will be liable for any and all fines and charges of whatsoever description that may be incurred from time to time in relation to the delivery, location and use, of the sign(s).

16. The Customer will be responsible for, and will take, all steps and precautions to safeguard the sign(s) against all risks including theft, damage (including malicious damage),
destruction and loss, of the signs, until returned to ETC, including, but not limited to, the following:

(a) removal of wheels;
(b) removal of drawer bars;
(c) installation and affixing of locks where possible, such locks to be removed by the Customer prior to return of the sign(s) to ETC;
(d) any and all other steps and precautions reasonably necessary for the protection of the equipment against theft, damage and destruction.

17. The Customer agrees that sign(s) not returned to ETC shall be deemed to remain on hire and the Customer will be liable for the ongoing hire cost in terms of this agreement until return of the sign(s) to ETC.

18. The Customer will keep ETC immediately informed of any and all changes of the Customer’s addresses (including email address) and contact telephone, facsimile and mobile numbers.

19. In the event that ETC communicates with the Customer by email, the date of communication shall be deemed to be the date on, and time at, which the email is sent by ETC to the Customer, not the date of receipt.

20. The Customer hereby indemnifies ETC in respect of any and all costs, liabilities, losses and damages, of whatsoever character, howsoever and whensoever arising out of or in relation to, the breach by the Customer of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

21. Where a person signs this agreement on behalf of the Customer, the Customer hereby warrants to ETC that the person so signing this agreement does so with the full authority of the Customer and the Customer agrees that the Customer is bound thereby.

Hire Information

Hire Information