VMS 5 colour board and Amber VMS boards mounted on a trailer

What Are the Different VMS Signs Available in Brisbane?

Variable message signs are an effective way for your message to be seen on the roads. Here at ETC Hire, we specialise in solar powered LED VMS signs, and we would be happy to help you and your business with all your VMS board hire needs in Brisbane. We offer two different kinds of variable message signs, which are the Amber VMS signs and the 5 Colour VMS signs. Here, we look at the VMS board hire packages available through ETC Hire and give you the rundown on why you should hire your own variable message signs.

What are Amber VMS Signs and What They Are Used For?

Amber VMS signs from ETC Hire are large solar powered variable LED signs that can be programmed to display different messages. They are traditionally mounted on a trailer for easy transportation from site to site. Unlike the 5 Colour VMS signs, they only display in the colour yellow. Traditionally, we hire VMS signs to businesses that wish to warn passing drivers of unexpected hazards or changes in traffic conditions. Typical amber variable message signs might warn about heavy traffic, road works, flooded roads, or other traffic warnings. 

What are 5 Colour VMS Signs and What They Used For?

5 Colour VMS signs are like Amber VMS signs, but they use 5 different colours of lights, rather than just one. Like the Amber VMS signs, they are also solar powered and mounted on trailers for easy transport, however their traditional use is for advertising and marketing. The attractive colours of a 5 Colour VMS sign turn your messages into eye-catching advertisements for your business. Commercial advertising signs might advertise a sales event or proclaim a business’ grand opening. Sometimes, 5 Colour VMS signs are also used to manage traffic.

Why You Should Hire Variable Message Signs for Your Business

Variable message signs are the best way to be seen by passing traffic. They are portable, energy efficient, and energy independent. Since they are solar powered, there is virtually no ongoing running cost. Free message changing and scheduling is included from Monday to Friday (business hours) in the cost of your hire. 

Ensure your message is seen! VMS board hire is available to assist your business or promote your event in Brisbane. Contact us on 1300 382 447 today for a quote.