Close-up of temporary portable traffic signal for road works.

How Portable Traffic Lights are Powered

ETC Hire offers high quality traffic control supplies for hire in Brisbane. We supply portable traffic lights and trailers to meet all your road traffic management requirements. You can reduce the risk of traffic hazards and accidents quickly when you deploy a temporary traffic light at your work site or event. We discuss how our portable traffic lights are powered and why these traffic control supplies are great for road safety. 

Solar Powered Trailer Mounted Portable Traffic Lights

Our trailer mounted traffic light is designed to work reliably, even in challenging weather and extreme environmental conditions. The traffic light meets all of Queensland’s safety and legal standards, as well as Australian Standard AS4191 for portable traffic lights. 

They are powered with solar energy, which means they make no noise, release no emissions, and the ongoing running costs are non-existent. They come trailer mounted, so they are easy to transport from location to location. Our portable traffic lights can be used individually, or they can be networked together to create a traffic light system that can control an intersection. 

The portable traffic lights from ETC Hire are available in 2-Way, 3-Way, 4-Way, 4-Way Independent, and Pedestrian Mode. 

Battery-Powered, Tripod Mounted Portable Traffic Lights

The tripod mounted traffic light from ETC Hire is made for portability. It can be carried by a single person and set-up easily at your site. The traffic light is controlled by a hand controller, so it can be safely operated from a distance. The portable traffic light is mounted on foldable tripod frames that are lightweight and compact for easy transportation and can be placed by the side of the road.  

The tripod mounted portable traffic lights are powered by zero maintenance, long-life lithium-ion phosphate batteries. This battery can operate for 16 continuous hours before reverting to back up battery power. The traffic light can be used as a single unit or multiple units, controlled via one hand controller. ETC Hire’s tripod mounted portable traffic lights meet Queensland transport and mains roads specifications, as well as all relevant Australian standards.

Hire Your Portable Traffic Lights

ETC Hire is your one stop source for portable traffic lights and traffic control supplies in Brisbane. Contact ETC Hire online or call us on 1300 382 447 for a quote for traffic light hire today.