Mobile Electronic Traffic Sign stating “expect Delays” taken at sunset with traffic blurred driving past the sign and traffic cones

How Variable Message Signs Can Work for You or Your Business

LED variable message signs are a great way to create super eye-catching messages written in LED lights. Mounted on a trailer, and raised to a height of three metres, ETC Hire’s VMS signs are a flexible and affordable form of large board advertising that can be seen by passing cars and pedestrians. 

VMS board hire includes the option to change your message for free, during the hire period and is backed by ETC Hire’s great customer service and competitive pricing in Brisbane. In this post, we look at the ways that VMS signs can be used to promote your business. 

Advertise Membership Offers on VMS Signs

Memberships and subscriptions are some of the best ways to create recurring customers. Gyms, swimming centres, and sports centres can grow their customer memberships through advertising membership offers on VMS signs.

Advertise Sales and Promotions on VMS Signs

Advertise sales on our VMS signs to reach passing traffic and passers-by. The variable message signs can be used to display your sales message, promote a product, advertise an event, or boost foot traffic to your store during slow periods. This form of advertising is suitable for furniture and appliance sales, car sales, and retail sales.

Store Launches

If you’re new to an area, VMS board hire used to advertise your business is a great way to let people know that you’re there and get the hype train moving.  

Temporary Events Promoted with VMS Board Hire

Variable message signs are perfect for temporary events where you don’t need the expense of a permanent fixture. VMS signs are message based, so they don’t need to be created by a graphic designer. They are portable, flexible, and allow for message scheduling, so they can keep up with changes in your event scheduling.  

VMS Board Hire for Traffic Management

Access can be an important consideration for a business that relies on customer traffic. If the parking or traffic around your store has changed, VMS signs can help you to be seen and they can direct customers to available car parking. If your business is a construction site, you can direct traffic around any hazards and warn drivers to slow down around construction works. 

Grow your business with VMS board hire in Brisbane. ETC Hire offers affordable solar-powered VMS signs at a competitive price. Contact us on 1300 382 447 for a quote.