Having the right traffic control equipment is crucial for your work site, we know well that, and we work hard here at ETC Hire to always provide you with the best traffic control equipment, the most up to date and high quality. The fastest and most efficient customer service that just a locally based company can give you. But what if you could have access to top-notch traffic equipment without the hefty upfront cost of purchasing it outright? ETC Hire is extremely excited to introduce the new hire-to-buy program. And in this blog we will explore a bit more about the advantages of adopting a hire-to-buy strategy and how it benefits your company.

  • Cost-Efficiency

One of the most important benefits of opting for a hire-to-buy ETC programme is its cost-efficiency. Usually, purchasing traffic equipment involves a significant upfront investment that can strain budgets. But with the ETC hire-to-buy programme, you can access the equipment you need without the immediate financial load. Instead, you make manageable rental payments over a defined period, allowing you to allocate your budget in a more effective way.


  • Flexible and adaptable

As some projects often vary in scale and duration. And the flexibility that ETC Hire offers in hire-to-buy allows you to adapt to the changing needs of your job. It gives the possibility to hire the specific equipment needed for each job, ensuring that you are never overburdened with unnecessary inventory or expending time and money on maintenance or under-equipment for critical tasks.


  • Maintenance

All equipment requires regular maintenance to ensure its functions optimally and complies with safety standards and regulations. When you choose ETC hire-to-buy programme, the maintenance and upkeep are our responsibility during the hire phase and we take it very seriously, making sure that you always have the most perfect and safest equipment. And this allows your team to focus on project execution once they do not have to worry about maintenance tasks.

  • Trial Before Commitment

The ETC Hire-to-buy programme gives you before making a long-term commitment, have the opportunity to test the equipment’s suitability for your projects during the hire period. This “try-before-you-buy” approach ensures that you invest in equipment that perfectly suits your specific needs and performance expectations.


The hire-to-buy programme offers you the option to purchase the equipment after a certain hire period. And with the ETC Hire programme you get a BIG discount based on your hire period when you are purchasing your equipment inside the hire-to-buy programme. This is a significant advantage if you find that the equipment is an essential asset for your operations.


The ETC hire-to-buy programme gives you a strategic advantage by providing access to high-quality and extremely technological equipment without the financial and logistical burdens of ownership. The flexibility, cost-efficiency, and opportunity for ownership make this approach a smart choice for your business. Make sure you have the best and safest equipment for your project hiring from ETC Hire.