Having the right traffic control equipment is crucial for your work site, we know well that, and we work hard here at ETC Hire to always provide you with the best traffic control equipment, the most up to date and high quality.


When it comes to managing traffic control having the right equipment is essential. Traffic equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of workers, pedestrians and drivers on the roads, as well as maintaining a smooth traffic flow. While some may consider purchasing traffic equipment, hire has emerged as a practical and cost-effective solution […]

Road Equipment

The Best in Road Equipment

ETC Hire offers advanced road safety equipment for your workplace to ensure that drivers and pedestrians are safe around civil constructions, council roadworks, and your work site. The Best Road Equipment in Australia.  Our latest Road Equipment can offer a cost-effective way to warn and guide traffic around any potential hazards. Including: Radar Speed Check […]

Bright up the Place with the Best Lighting in Australia

Working at night, especially with machinery, can create several safety hazards. This is where ETC Hire’s range of lighting products comes in. A product that can provide plenty of light can help to mitigate any risks. Keeping workers visible whilst working at night improves their safety and security. Sometimes a little more than high-visibility clothing […]

Our Portable Traffic Lights are TMR Approved

While there aren’t many options for TMR approved portable traffic lights out there, you’ll be glad to know that ETC Hire’s popular traffic lights are now on the approved list too. The lightweight, easily transportable unit has passed onsite testing and is available for use on our roads. This portable traffic light is intended to […]


Pedestrian traffic lights increase public safety during roadworks

At ETC Hire we’re dedicated to being at the forefront of the traffic control equipment hire industry, to ensure the highest safety standards are maintained during road and civil works, which is why we’ve introduced Gold Coast and Brisbane pedestrian traffic lights for hire.  Our hire team also service Ipswich, the Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay […]