Bright up the Place with the Best Lighting in Australia

Working at night, especially with machinery, can create several safety hazards. This is where ETC Hire’s range of lighting products comes in. A product that can provide plenty of light can help to mitigate any risks. Keeping workers visible whilst working at night improves their safety and security. Sometimes a little more than high-visibility clothing is needed. Lighting products can protect worksites, warehouses, factories, complexes, events, and other locations.


  • Cost

All solar-powered products have long-term benefits and a long-life cycle. This will save money for years to come, as there are no power bills and no environmental impact.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Solar power is one of the world’s cleanest, most sustainable, and most renewable resources. Because traditional-made models such as streetlights or lighting towers are the single largest source of emissions. All ETC’s products are environmentally friendly because the panels and energy sources depend solely on the sun, eliminating the carbon footprint contribution.

  • Safety

As stated above, there is a product range that can provide lighting to increase visibility, promote road safety for workers, drivers, and pedestrians, and to discourage theft or violence. These products ensure that extensive, densely populated, or desired locations are well-lit.

  • Easy to install

Because our products are solar-powered, no wiring or electrical work is required.

  • Easy to use

The lighting units are entirely autonomous (depending on the specific product). Turning on at dusk and off at dawn automatically, almost eliminating any maintenance needed.

Lighting Towers

Solar lighting towers are a cost-effective outdoor lighting and security solution. They are ideal for work sites, warehouses, factories, self-storage, and events. The mast, which rises to 6m, illuminates large areas with powerful directional light from 200w LEDs.


Our solar streetlights are a cost-effective lighting solution ideal for remote or new regions without an established power source. These units are fully integrated with an LED light, battery, and solar panel, so ongoing running costs exist. These portable lights can be mounted to anything and are very easy to install. Providing more than 100,000 hours of operation per LED.

Portable Traffic Lights

Our portable traffic lights offer improved safety for traffic controllers over the traditional Stop/Go sign and meet all Australian standards.