Hire or Purchase?

Did you know that its possible to purchase any equipment from ETC Hire? While hiring is what our customers want most of the time, we do offer the ability to purchase our equipment and even suggest it for especially long hire terms. Its also possible to hire equipment to trial it first and purchase it afterwards. So when should you hire and when should you buy? Here are some things to take into account.


How long will you be needing the equipment for? If it’s a VMS board for a week, then hiring is the way to go, but if you’re going to use a solar lighting tower on a construction project for 12 months, purchasing a unit is the better option. But if its a VMS board needed weekly on a regular basis, a purchase is worth considering. The duration will play a large role in whether a hire or purchase is the way to go.


Do you have the necessary storage for the equipment? Some items such as the tripod mounted radar speed sign take up little space, but the trailer mounted units will require some storage or parking area when not in use.


Would you prefer not having to change your own messages on a VMS? If convenience is of importance, ETC Hire provides delivery and pick up of hire equipment as well as setup and support during the hire duration.

With these points kept in mind, speak to our friendly staff to discuss your equipment hire or buying needs.