Why hire a VMS?

Variable message sign boards are effective advertising tools to help get your message across and here are a few reasons why.


The problem with regular signage is that it doesn’t stand out from the background due to it being fixed and rather boring to look at. Additionally, there are so many signs around, we don’t pay attention to them unless we’re specifically looking for something. A VMS trailer is not a regular fixture and these signs have been created to be noticed by passing traffic. The colour of the trailer itself, the bright LEDs on a large sign and the mobility give the VMS trailer a big advantage over regular signage. The VMS is highly likely to be noticed at both day and night time.


Regular signage is fixed, but due to the mobile nature of VMS signs, there are more options for advertising. If the message is not making an impact, there could be something wrong with the promotional message, but it could also be the location. With a VMS trailer, it can be moved to a different location to increase effectiveness. Especially useful to give passing traffic ample time to process the message before they have a chance to pass by the location of the business.


Being an LED sign, you can change the message as required. You are also able to schedule messages in advance or make changes in real time. Variable message boards provide versatile advertising which isn’t possible with a regular sign. Therefore, it allows an extra level of creativity and opportunity to get your message seen.

If you’re interested in a VMS board, speak to our friendly staff about our amber and five colour options.