Radar Speed Signs

How Do Radar Speed Signs Prevent Danger in Brisbane?

On today’s roads, speeding seriously threatens public safety.

Despite the numerous strategies for controlling speeding, including posted speed restrictions, police enforcement, speed bumps and many others, achieving long-lasting change is difficult.

Radar speed signals are a great example of the solutions that traffic companies are implementing across Australia. Radar speed signs have become a familiar and efficient solution as they increase driver awareness. They are installed along roadways near schools and parks and in places with high foot and traffic volumes. In this post, ETC Hire explains what trailer signs do to prevent danger in high-risk areas and make it safer for all road users.

Speed Plays a Major Role in Causing Fatal Accidents

The correlation of speed and traffic accidents, especially involving pedestrians, is often overlooked. Although the speed decrease may not appear to be much, it makes a real difference in saving lives.

Nine out of ten pedestrians struck by a vehicle travelling 32 Km/h will survive the accident. However, when travelling at 50 Km/h, that percentage falls to five out of ten. Only one in ten pedestrians would be that fortunate if hit by a vehicle travelling at 65 Km/h.

Trailer Mounted Speed Signs Prevent Danger in High-Risk Areas

Most car accidents are caused by careless driving. This lack of focus is due to a behavioural pattern called driving on autopilot or highway hypnosis. When drivers are on autopilot, they are inattentive to pedestrian crossings, speed past the speed limit and fail to slow down.

Strategically placed trailer signs can act as triggers to switch a driver’s brain from autopilot to engage. Radar speed signs engage the driver’s mind by displaying a smiley or sad face, according to whether the car is going too fast or too slow. Once triggered, the driver becomes aware, focuses on the road and reduces speed to a safe level.

Trailer Mounted Speed Signs for Hire

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