VMS signs

VMS Boards for Roadwork and Advertising in Brisbane

Roads, highways, freeways, motorways, tunnel entrances and rural regions around Australia frequently employ Variable Message Signs (VMS). Variable message signs are beneficial for improving road safety as they can efficiently communicate information to a driver on the road. Yet, there are many more applications for them.

Using a VMS Sign is also a fantastic strategy for making your advertisement stand out. In this post, ETC Hire in Brisbane details the benefits of using VMS signs to promote your business and how to use them to display Christmas deals, Boxing Day deals and more.

How Can Variable Message Signs Help Your Business

Including your company’s message on a VMS is a fantastic way to get the word out about a yearly sale or event’s location. Unlike conventional advertising signage, the VMS sign’s ultra-bright LED lights ensure that your sale or event can be advertised even if weather conditions aren’t favourable.

It is important to remember that the signage you create is more than simply an advertisement or promotional item. It is a potent marketing tool with many uses. VMS signs are equipped with modern LED graphics, allowing you to include moving images, symbols and logos in your marketing strategy and communicate your brand message to increase brand recognition.

How to Use Variable Message Signs to Communicate Brand Message

When using VMS signs, remember who you are writing for. Each component of your marketing strategy (including content, images, tone, branding and the call to action) must be carefully crafted to appeal to the specific audience you have in mind. Make your sign more than just a pretty picture by using words and imagery that will resonate with the target audience and encourage them to act.

When it comes to VMS signs, the options are limitless. You are only limited by your creativity, but it’s a good idea to still adhere to the following standards:

  • Ensure that the font is large enough to be read from a distance
  • Choose an appealing colour palette that suits your company
  • Make sure the text is visible by giving it some contrast from the background
  • Make sure everything, from the language and graphics to the call to action, fits in with your brand’s personality

VMS Board Hire Services

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