How solar security systems work

Security cameras not only capture intruders in the act, but also make them think twice when entering a premises which is monitored. Cameras are also useful for keeping an eye on workers to make sure proper workplace health and safety standards are being adhered to.

Our solar security system consists of a fully integrated unit with a PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera, solar panel and battery. These units can be mounted onto trailers, street lights, portable traffic lights, VMS boards and more. Once mounted, the camera functions autonomously with 30 motion detectors which cover large areas.

Any motion detected will trigger the camera to start recording and ends up on a cloud storage drive with accessibility for up to 30 days. If you prefer to manually monitor the camera feed, you can. The PTZ camera feed is accessible remotely from your smart phone with the downloadable app all day, every day.

Additionally, the camera has a time lapse recording feature, which can be useful for monitoring construction progress after a day or week as an example. Our cameras have networking capabilities between multiple units and back to base monitoring software which allows hundreds of cameras to be viewed live on one screen.

During the day, these security cameras are powered by the sun and the internal battery receives charge which powers it during the night.

For additional light during the night, an optional white spotlight can be installed or the unit can be mounted on to our trailer mounted solar lighting tower.

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