The challenges and benefits of night time construction

Performing construction work at night can have benefits for the project, the construction crew and the public too. Night time construction reduces risks to travellers and the crew from traffic. It also helps traffic continue to flow during peak daytime hours. Another benefit is that the weather is cooler, which makes work easier and potentially the project completed faster.

While there are benefits some of the things contractors need to ensure are the following.

Focus on Visibility

A challenge of performing construction work at night is working in the dark. It’s important to provide the right lighting to create a safe and effective night construction site.

Contractors need to ensure that the work zone is lit, determine the best locations for the lighting and choose the best type and source of lighting for the project which is something we can help you with. There are different lighting options available to help achieve your goals.

Plan for Noise

Since noise can disturb people at night, especially near residential areas, a plan should be in place to minimize the noise as much as possible. It’s possible to cut the noise down by using noise barriers and minimizing the loudest aspects of the job.

Noise plans should also focus on vibrations and how they could affect the surrounding area. The plan is to include ways to cut down on vibrations.

Create a Night Construction Plan

Lighting and noise control should be included within a broader, comprehensive night time work plan to create a seamless project. Each night construction worker should be trained in the plan to carry it out accordingly.

The main focus of the plan should be safety. This should include a risk assessment and planning to account for different risks.

Maintain Proper Insurance

A construction site always presents risks that are higher than many industries. Construction night work can pose some of the same risks as a daytime project, as well as introduce new risks, such as dangers from inadequate lighting.