The Portable Light Tower

The TL400 Portable Light Tower

ETC Hire has a range of lighting towers in its catalogue, from the Solar Tower to the Overhead Tower. ETC is excited to introduce its newest lighting tower model, the TL-400 Portable Light Tower. The one-man-operated portable electric pole light tower.

It is portable like a work light but has a similar output to a light tower. Higher and brighter than traditional handheld work lights, cheaper and easier to move around than traditional light towers.

Useful for several locations and purposes, such as emergency, infrastructure, railways, events, maintenance, mining, sport, construction, and more.


  • 0 – 15000Lm output – brighter than most work lights
  • 8000Lm battery-powered output – brighter than all battery-powered work lights
  • 10 hours battery duration at 8000Lm – longer than most work lights, let alone the TKC-9 charger case as accessories supporting successive working days.
  • Products family – S3 flashlight, T2 head lights, TKC-9 charger case, extra batteries. All these products can work together.
  • Cost-effective


Easy to Deploy

There is a single latch to release the product’s tripod. You can deploy or fold in a matter of seconds.

Self-Locking Pole

Drag and lock at any position, contraction in one just push. Simply, press down in the back to fold the pole.

Adjustable Light

A 360° +up/down adjustable light. There is an in-built damping mechanism for ease of adjustment to cover the lighting area required.

Different modes include:


A lighting area of 1100m²


Stepless Dimmable


Ultra-long Endurance

Designed to last hour on end, even ONE battery pack can power more than 30 hours extreme mode. With a 1 to 3 battery pack available, meaning that the light tower can last over a 10-hour duration at full brightness, and over a 100-hour duration at extreme mode.

Control Board

Easy to read control board showing the power, DIM+ / DIM-, battery level, brightness level, USB output, and the AC Plug.

One Man Operation

The transportation, deployment and lighting adjustments can all be done by one person in a matter of seconds. Unlike other lighting towers.

Optional Accessories 

Rapid Charger

A 9 Bay Simultaneous Charger (TKC-9), which carries a total of 9 batteries, and charging them in the meantime. Available for several days off-grid operation.

Power Options

Cover all possibilities with a choice of power options. The choices include driver for maximum output, or charger and backup batteries for cordless operation.

Equipped to deal in the dark

The TL-400 is fully equipped for any challenges in the dark. As it is not only the main light source but allows USB output to charge the T2 headlight and S3 flashlight or any mobile devices.


Height64.5cm – 220cm
Weight10.4kg (Fitting only)
Power SupplyBattery / AC 100-277V
Lumens0 – 15,000Lm
Run Times>10 hours (high output, 3 batteries)
Output (USB)5V 2A (2 Dock)
Battery SystemD24-100
Battery (D24-100)  
Rated Power98Wh
Rated Voltage24.5V
Rated Capacity4.0Ah
Working Temperature-10 to 50°C
Working Humidity20 – 95%