Solar Lighting Tower ‘Venus’ Model Now Available for Hire.

ETC Hire has a selection of different Solar Lighting Towers. These environmentally friendly products are a source of emergency lighting, particularly portable streetlights. General benefits to these towers include:

  • Makes no noise
  • Produces no emissions
  • 100% Solar
  • No cost to run
  • Can run night after night without regular maintenance
  • Assists driver safety for your property or workplace
  • Is effective in discouraging any unwanted visitors

Now, ETC Hire is offering a new model – the ‘VENUS’. The distinctive design provides new intelligence to the market than traditional lighting towers. The ‘VENUS’ is:

  • Brighter
  • More Innovative
  • Sharper Design

The ‘VENUS’ takes site lighting to a whole new level; you get to experience Australian engineering at its finest with:

  • 100% Australian-designed and manufactured
  • Fold Up Draw Bar to reduce the overall footprint
  • 3 x 350W LG solar panels that easily slide in and out of the structure
  • All Solar Panels tilt up to 37°, stowed at 20°. To capture the endless Australian sunlight.
  • A 355° rotating motor allows for precise light direction control.
  • Powder coated, not painted
  • Long service life, lowest maintenance costs
  • AGM Batteries (zero maintenance)

The ‘VENUS’ will become the product to look out for – with zero toxic emissions and enduring power, which assists in reducing your carbon footprint. In addition, providing highly effective lights for several locations at a low cost contributes to decreasing any outgoing operational costs.

The ‘VENUS’ can be used at several locations, such as:

  • Civil Work
  • Traffic control
  • Construction sites
  • Mine sites
  • Night works
  • Outdoor events
  • Car parks
  • Machinery yards
  • Open spaces
  • Residential areas
  • Sport clubs
  • And any other traffic management hire-related fields.