Pedestrian traffic lights increase public safety during roadworks

At ETC Hire we’re dedicated to being at the forefront of the traffic control equipment hire industry, to ensure the highest safety standards are maintained during road and civil works, which is why we’ve introduced Gold Coast and Brisbane pedestrian traffic lights for hire.  Our hire team also service Ipswich, the Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay […]


Traffic equipment for enhanced night works safety

As a leading hire provider of Gold Coast and Brisbane traffic equipment, we have the capabilities to provide a total solution to ensure contractors, drivers, labourers and pedestrians stay safe during night works. For those working at night in close proximity to traffic, machinery and other hazards, it’s crucial that the right equipment is used […]


Benefits of our solar lighting towers over diesel alternatives

If you have a building, civil or construction project to complete and need to hire industrial lighting for security or general lighting applications, here are some of the benefits our solar lighting towers provide over diesel alternatives. Solar lighting towers have no ongoing running costs When your hire one of our solar lighting towers, once […]

Importance of Variable Message Signs (VMS)

Variable Message Signs (VMS) are portable signboards, mainly showing any important message with coloured LED lights. The settings of the LED lights are customisable to display any message as needed. The traditional signs used to show a single message, which couldn’t be customised and was not movable. All of these limitations have been overcome with […]