Gold Coast and Brisbane Traffic Control Solutions for Big Events

Whether it’s your first time needing assistance with event traffic management or you’re an experienced event organiser looking for a responsive and reliable partner – our Gold Coast and Brisbane traffic control solutions can be tailored to meet individual demands. A leading hire provider of traffic equipment and services, we can customise a traffic management […]

Grow Your Business with our Brisbane Advertising Displays

Our Gold Coast and Brisbane advertising displays or banner advertising can be a very effective tool to promote products, events and services and more effectively reach and convert your desired audience. Here are 3 ways you can more efficiently use your advertising displays to grow your business. 1. Target the Right Audience You can use […]

Catapult your construction business using this simple technology

The construction industry has not really been the one to rapidly adopt new technologies as it evolved. However, shifts in employee demographics, combined with an extremely competitive market, means the construction industry possesses the risk of crashing anytime. But with the right technology, you can do a lot when it comes to your construction business. […]

Find out how LED bill boards are changing the game of advertising

It’s not necessary that you have to get someone’s attention to effectively use digital marketing rather it’s holding their attention long enough for them to make a purchase or contact you. With the arrival of LEDs, advertisers can incorporate brilliant colors and motion into digital outdoor displays. There are many stats and studies that show […]


How to save lives and reduce the speed of traffic at the same time

We can only stand so much force from crash impact, and much of this is determined by vehicle speed. In the recent years speeding has lead to several injuries including death, whereas by taking some key steps we can help reduce some of these. Set a safe speed limit.Setting safe speed limits is the first […]

5 Wonderful benefits of a Solar Surveillance system

Businesses in a remote area usually comes with problems, such as the need for surveillance to stop losses of property, livestock and other assets for that matter. Solar powered surveillance system allows to monitor such events without a hassle as well as a low cost and saves energy in the process. Some of the reasons […]

The Green alternative to save Money and energy with Zero hassle

Our environment is in a pretty bad shape, and we seem to be running out of our resources while trash and pollution only seem to increase day by day with no sign of reduction. But trying to live a little greener can seem quite daunting if you don’t know where to start so we’ve laid […]

Put Safety First with ETC Hire’s New PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS

NEW to ETC Hire…the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS. Designed to Queensland Transport & Main Roads specifications, the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS offers improved safety for Traffic Controllers over the traditional Stop/Go sign, meeting all Australian standards, and with many extra unique features. Fully designed and manufactured in Australia, the PTL-3 Type-1 PTSS is lightweight and very easy to transport […]

Why you should hire LED screens for your event

The advertisement world and the way we see things, know things and propagate information has changed a lot. Technological advancement has improved the ways of communication from static and paper based medium to dynamic and digital media in almost all circles of our daily lives. We all attend events throughout our lives and any event […]

How renting construction equipment is better than buying

It may sound odd and counter-intuitive at first, but there are many reasons which contribute to the fact that renting is better than buying. Construciton equipments are mostly large sized and quite expensive to purchase. Also, money is not the only factor which comes into play when comparing the odds with the even. There are […]