Our Portable Traffic Lights are TMR Approved

While there aren’t many options for TMR approved portable traffic lights out there, you’ll be glad to know that ETC Hire’s popular traffic lights are now on the approved list too. The lightweight, easily transportable unit has passed onsite testing and is available for use on our roads. This portable traffic light is intended to […]

Tips for creating better VMS messages

The most effective VMS messages are quickly and easily read and understood. As the majority of passing traffic will be driving, there’s no need for long drawn out message. Straight to the point is the key. While our team will help you create messages for our VMS boards, nobody knows your business and target audience […]

Tripod Radar Speed Check Sign Now Available For Hire

This new portable radar speed check sign is now available for hire. Easy to transport and setup and can be ready to run in minutes. Choose your trigger speed and the sign will take care of the rest. The current speed limit will be displayed as well as a smiley or sad face depending on […]

Equipment hire for the year ahead

2021 is looking like a big year for ETC and your business can benefit from planning ahead with which equipment to hire. Whether it’s an event, worksite or promotional campaign, we’ve got the equipment for you. VMS Boards Our most popular item, VMS boards are a great way for your message to be seen by […]

How solar security systems work

Security cameras not only capture intruders in the act, but also make them think twice when entering a premises which is monitored. Cameras are also useful for keeping an eye on workers to make sure proper workplace health and safety standards are being adhered to. Our solar security system consists of a fully integrated unit […]

The challenges and benefits of night time construction

Performing construction work at night can have benefits for the project, the construction crew and the public too. Night time construction reduces risks to travellers and the crew from traffic. It also helps traffic continue to flow during peak daytime hours. Another benefit is that the weather is cooler, which makes work easier and potentially […]

Variable message signs vs LED signs

While trailer mounted variable message signs (VMS) and LED signs share similarities, they are actually quite different in their design and usage. VMS boards primarily display text and are most commonly uses on roads to capture a driver’s attention as they pass by. They often display simple text messages with the objective of providing a […]

3 different ways of promoting your business or event

There are a few options for promoting your business or event at ETC hire. Each one has different usage scenarios, and combining them all can result in an effective advertising campaign with a wide reach. VMS Boards These boards come in a one colour (amber) or five colour variety. Variable message sign (VMS) boards feature […]

Essential Equipment for Events

Here’s an outline of some of the most popular event items and their uses. Depending on the size and duration of your event, you may need a few of each to get the intended result. Signage Provide a schedule of the day’s events, car park directions or any other information with a variable message board […]

Be Seen with Eye Catching Indoor LED Advertising Displays

LED advertising displays provide high impact advertising and are perfect for shopping centres and shop fronts, real estate offices and car showrooms. Our advertising LED’s are three times brighter than LCD/LED TV’s and much easier to move around and install. Each screen has wheels for easy mobility and simply plugs into a standard mains port. […]